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Make the Leap from Scaled to RX
with Custom Workouts and Expert Guidance

Do You Want to Participate in Your First Competition?

Signing up for your first competition can be overwhelming. Let us ease the pressure by creating customized workouts to help prepare you for the big day!

Do You Want to Improve Your Overall Form and Technique?

Refine your form and technique with the guidance of Coach Jordan. Achieve optimal performance, prevent injuries, and reach your fitness goals with precision and expertise.

Looking to Advance With Your Fitness Goals?

Take your fitness journey to the next level with our specialized training program. We will guide you towards mastering advanced techniques and achieving your personal best.

Do You Need Accountability and Motivation?

Experience unmatched accountability and motivation with Coach Jordan. Stay on track, surpass your limits, and achieve your fitness goals with personalized support and encouragement.

Our Services

In Person Coaching

Our customized approach ensures that every session is designed to help you reach your goals with measurable progress. We are here to motivate you and hold you accountable every step of the way.

Remote Coaching

Achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home or gym with our customized workouts. You'll receive weekly feedback, unlimited app access, and accountability!

Small Group Coaching

Join our dynamic group personal training sessions for a motivating and energizing fitness experience. Do you have a workout buddy that helps keep you motivated? Achieve your goals together. Sign up for our small group session and receive a discount!

"Training with Jordan has been one of the best ways I’ve invested in myself. Not only for the ways it has helped improve my strength and endurance but because she got me out of a rut—I’m attacking things again, I’m fighting through adversity, I’m showing up, I’m having fun and actually trying to achieve bigger goals. Everyone needs a Coach Jordii."

Jami C.


Hi, I'm Jordan!

I am the founder of Fulton Forged and I have been coaching for over 4 years as head coach over at Gateway Fitness Home of CrossFit Obsession. I am a former collegiate athlete who has a passion for helping others achieve the things they never thought they could do.


When I am not training myself or others, I am spending time with my two beautiful daughters and husband. 

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